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RT @BlazersNationCP: Enes Kanter was born to ball, but lives to wrestle. #Blazers 42 0
RT @globoesportecom: Inimigo político na Turquia, Enes Kanter diz: "Recebo ameaça de morte quase todos os dias" htt… 28 0
#Ripcity 🔒
Kanter caught up in Turkish struggle
@ThePortlandTrib 🙏

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Kanter caught up in Turkish struggle
BY KERRY EGGERS/PORTLAND TRIBUNE/For Blazers center, the battle is fiercest off the NBA courts; Wyden speaks out in support of rights for Portland's new player
RT @RedHourBen: These people are not invaders, or criminals. They are fleeing persecution and violence.

On a day like today, we need to c…
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RT @RealStevenAdams: Nga mihi aroha Aotearoa, New Zealand. Shocked and saddened to hear about the tragedy in Christchurch. Sending my aroha… 757 0
RT @HalEisner: Can you join those who are sharing this? NBA star @Enes_Kanter is sharing throughout his social media sphere our @FOXLA inte… 218 0
RT @HoopsRumors: Blazers center Enes Kanter spoke to Hoops Rumors on a variety of topics. Find out what he said here:… 23 0
RT @trailblazers: Strong showing off the bench for @Enes_Kanter & tonight's @biofreeze Performance of the Night 💪 135 0
RT @ClutchPointsApp: Enes Kanter speaks out after the events in New Zealand terrorist attack! #Blazers 112 0
We all belong to ONE HUMAN RACE. ‬
We may have different religions, different languages, different colored skin but we all belong to ONE HUMAN RACE.… 1935 7608
RT @FOXLA: "All I’m trying to do is be the voice for the people who don't have a voice." #NBA star @Enes_Kanter says he won't be silenced b… 90 0
RT @HoopsRumors: Enes Kanter Discusses Signing With Blazers, Role Under Terry Stotts, Future In WWE

Story & interview by @JShawNBA: />https:…
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RT @tr724com: Oregon Senatörü @RonWyden Senato'da @Enes_Kanter'i anlattı:

Bu münferit bir mesele değil, ABD sessiz kalamaz

Kanter ciddi…
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Hate will be driven out.
We condem the acts of evil that try but fai…
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This act of violence is incomprehensible. 😔
#NewZealand 🇳🇿💔🙏
Devastated to hear about the violence in #NewZealand. 🇳🇿
My thoughts and prayers are with the families and friends…
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RT @Enes_Kanter: Enemy Of The State

Part 3:
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Watch the full version 👇(TÜRKÇE altyazılı)
Oregon Senator Ron Wyden’s speech on U.S. Senate floor regarding my freedom struggle and the human rights abuses in Turkey!!!
‪Hot Yoga with the squad 🥵 🧘‍♂️ ‬

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