Enes’ Efficency Through The Roof!

Enes Ranks Top 20 in PER
December 13, 2016
Enes Starts 2017 With Productive Night
January 6, 2017

A few weeks ago Enes broke into the top 20 in PER *(Player Efficiency Rating) reaching 18th place. A few weeks later Enes increased his play by averaging over 20 points a game in his last five games. In Enes’ last game against the L.A Clippers he went 11/12 from the Free Throw Line in just over 20 minutes.

This hard play on both sides of the court have moved Enes from 18th to 16th in PER, currently of all 20 players in the top 20 only two have not been All-stars yet!


PER: Measures a players efficiency rating based on possessions, points, rebounds, steals, turnovers and blocks. This also combines the amount of minutes a player plays thus giving an efficency rating even for players who are not starters.

Source: https://insider.espn.com/nba/hollinger/statistics